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You’ve got me? But who’s got you?!

If you haven’t seen the original Superman movie, well, you are clearly younger than me. So I already don’t like you very much.

The rest of you may recall the scene where a fresh-faced Louis Lane (Margot Kidder) falls into Superman’s flying arms. In shock following her tumbling dismount from a helicopter trying to take off from the top of Daily Planet world headquarters (all reporters traveled this way in the 70’s didn’t they?), Ms. Lane shoots a great “What the hell?” look at our pajamaed hero. Realizing how terrified this damsel must be, Superman utters (I think) his first non-Clark-Kent words to Ms Lane and the rest of us, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

To which Lois quite reasonably replies, “You’ve got me? But who’s got you?!”

My ongoing struggle with Comcast was solved recently. Turns out that little complaint I filed with the Better Business¬†Bureau¬†(BBB) several weeks ago found its way to somebody’s desk at Comcast. Within about 3 days, my issue was resolved.

Considering the current wave of election-season discourse pitting business vs. government (or vice versa), I couldn’t help but call-out this very simple example of checks and balances. Comcast (a major financial supporter of the current President, by the way) is a simply massive corporation. They enjoy a de-facto monopoly in places where there is no other broadband ISP available (such as historic downtown Leesburg). By the numbers, they get their product to their customers (eventually) something like 99.9% of the time (un-researched, but let’s go with that). In matters of business, 99.9% is more than enough to be successful.

Trouble is, every now and then, some crazy bitch falls out of a helicopter. And every now and then some sorry sucker doesn’t get what he paid for.

The BBB is not super. Far from it. Same goes for any government agency. Any government for that matter. But neither is the great American Corporation. Either of these entities, left unchecked, will eventually corrupt the greater good.

Can we agree on that at least? Can we agree that NIETHER government NOR “the free market” can or will solve our national challenges, whatever they might be? Sigh. I suspect not.

After all, ever hear about a hero whose superpower was reasoned compromise?