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Kitty Leggett House is (almost) ours

A very very very fine house

Maybe you’ve heard (or read) me carry on about the frustration of placing an offer on a Short Sale property. Perhaps you’ve seen me mention something or other about living in my in-laws’ guess cottage. Well, good things do come to those who wait. Six months, a variety of heated conversations, and a huge leap-of-faith resulted in an official, Lender-approved acceptance of our offer on 40152 Main Street in Waterford, VA. Known in Waterford as the Kitty Leggett House, it was first built in 1733 and has received countless updates and modifications since. We are excited to write many new chapters in the annals of this historic home. Look out Waterford. The Suttons are a’ comin!

A view from the backyard. Upon the Blueridge Mountains, there I’ll take my stand . . .