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Quick Comcast Update

Would you believe my service has actually degraded? The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if my multi-channel complaint tornado might be working against me.

Strangely, that would be a more acceptable explanation than the current state of affairs. Approximately once every 1-2 hours, my connection drops like an AT&T phone call in mid-town Manhattan.

After several calls, escalations, and deep breaths, I was able to speak to somebody who actually confirmed that a “Maintenance Tech” (different than a service tech), would be coming by at some point in the next 7-10 days to perform yet another site survey. I was told they “would try” to call or contact me to let me know when this was happening. That is all sort of okish.

Here’s the kicker. After this survey, if they determine that the tap (where the cable line connects to main utility pole) is further than 300 ft away from the drop (where it comes into the building), they might not be able (or inclined) to perform this installation at all!!! (yes, that is 3 emPHAsisses)

When I signed the lease on my office (100 square feet in downtown Leesburg VA), I asked two questions:

1. Can I put in a window A/C unit?

2. Is the building wired for broadband internet?

I even assumed my landlord was bs-ing his way through question 2 and I contacted Verizon and Comcast directly. While a little disappointed that Verizon FIOS was not available at this address, I was encouraged to hear that getting Deluxe Business Class service at my new office was simply a matter of paying $210/month (includes a static IP).

At the time, we had not even fully accepted the offer on our condominium in McLean (land of horrible traffic but abundant Fiber). Which is to say, the move out to the country was not a done deal. Would all this information have changed anything? I can’t say for sure. But I can tell you with 100% certainty that the assurance of broadband in my new Leesburg office removed any reservations I had about moving to Loudon County.

And in case you are wondering – Yes, I do have better things to be doing with my time. I have a ton of work to do – and I’d like nothing more than to be on the clock at this moment. But like a boat needs water (potter needs fire, blacksmith needs metal, cupcake makers need a kick in the crotch), I need broadband to be of any billable use.

In the time it took to craft this update, my service went out three times.

I have taken to calling Comcast and logging a trouble ticket for each service interruption. I have 6 ticket numbers today.

On that 6th call, I seem to have stumbled upon a truly helpful individual. I was in the process of being annoyed and rude when he started asking me new, thoughtful questions about the building, the installation, the setup in general. He double-checked my standing work order and confirmed it was on the books. He even gave me is direct line and email address!

In return for these golden gifts, I promised basically not to call him.

Also, yet another Comcast service Tech came by just now. Nice guy. Confirmed the signal loss and noise issues on the line and also confirmed that work had been ordered to move my tap a little closer to the drop (tap=source, drop=destination).

Maybe the bitch storm did shake a few timbers, as I dare say I see a flicker of light up ahead. Train? Probably. But we’ll stay positive for the time being.