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Does this mean I’ll get friend suggestions from Bob Marley and George Costanza?

Winding down from another day of building web apps and fighting with Comcast, I decided to take a moment to checkout my Facebook timeline.

This is, of course, code for: see photos of my friends’ kids.

I do enjoy seeing my friend’s kids. After all, most of these people are actually Friends (we need a new word, right?), so it should come as no surprise that my FB feed is dominated by chocolate-smeared faces, babies sleeping with pets, and the occasional parent sharing something or other that only lasted an hour because the babysitter was going into time and a half rates and they had to go.

The truth is, my feed pretty accurately reflects the subject matter I come across when interacting with my MeatFriends (that work?). This is a good thing. And since we still have the ability to CHOOSE our friends on FB, the timeline represents the info I have asked to see (for the most part).

Monetizing FB, however, requires that all of these “allowed” interactions add up to a meaningful, coherent profile of you. The best way to get a feel for what Facebook thinks you are is to view the ads and friend suggestions that appear on your page.

And this is where I find a never-ending wellspring of unintentional humor. Today, the cake was taken.

You see, I’m a Web developer. So I spend a great deal of time testing my own “stuff.” Very often, this includes repeatedly filling out a form I’ve built in an effort to test/confirm some backend functional wizardry I’m noodling.

Most recently, I’ve been adding new functionality to a Lead Management system I built a couple years ago. I won’t bore you with the details (you can call me for that in person), but suffice to say, during final phases of testing, I might fill out my own form 50 or 100 times before I’m done.

It goes sort of like this:

  1. Fill out form and submit.
  2. Evaluate results/behaviors.
  3. Tweak, adjust, document.
  4. Curse.
  5. Repeat.

Lorum Ipsum Set Dolor Fakus Namicus.

In an effort to keep myself mildly entertained during these types of tasks, I like to enter structured nonsense. Sometimes, this takes the form of a celebrity name (Jerry Garcia is an old fave. Homer Simpson another). But more often than not, I use some varied version of the venerable “Tester,” surname (with a lot of thrown in for good measure).

(Tangent. I have a friend whose last name is Test. I’ve seen his name get rejected from online forms. Frustrating, I’m sure, but pretty hilarious).

Popular names from the Tester clan include:

Testy T. Tester

Testing Again

Crapping Von TestyTesterStupidFingTest

And so on.

Perhaps I was logged into FB during my recent tests. Perhaps I was sending signals far and wide that I was searching for, and highly interested in, anything in the world containing t-e-s-t. Or perhaps this suggestion was just a simple old “friend of a friend” recommendation.

Whatever the reason, this popped up for me today:

Kind of makes me wonder how much junkmail I have waiting for me at 123 Fake St, Springfield, VA.