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It’s complicated

It’s a pretty natural response to the casual mention of that fact that the wife and I recently moved.

“Where?,” any reasonable person might inquire, followed often my the requisite, “Why?”

Funny how even simple questions can feel complicated and hard to answer.

While the short sale thing works itself out, we are living with my wife’s parents at their home in Waterford, VA. They live on 14 acres of Virginia’s finest. It’s called Catulpa Grove. Wife and I reside in the guest cottage.

Thankfully, any shortcomings I might own in explaining where we live can be quickly overcome by the miracle of modern technology. Yes, my iPhone 4 (S not missing) is a few megapixels short of a great quality camera, but it’s hard to make pretty look bad. So, rather than have you suffer through a thousand or so actual words (you know damned well I’d be more than happy to make you suffer if I thought you’d remain for whatever whimpering finale I might conjure, but I digress).

Without further adieu, some photos (click or touch or blink  on any photo for a gallery view).


I was a younger man when I started this post. Maybe I could have crunched my pics before uploading, but I’m soft and lazy and used to having some cloud-based software take care of that for me. Did I mention the broadband out here is a touch narrow? If my mind changes, I’ll have a chance to edit when I wake up in the morning. At my current rate, I can’t imagine these “massive” images will be uploaded by then.