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A Friday afternoon list

  1. My brother Joe and I have always shared an appreciation for innovative fast-food menu items. In that spirit I present to you my opinion of the Taco Bell Doritos Taco:
    “Brilliant on every level! A gustatory delight! Several cakey-orange thumbs up!” So it came out 6 months ago or whatever. I’m an adult. Still. Get this taco at least once before you die.*
  2. Warm fuzzies were in abundance a few weeks ago when I received the title for my 2005 BMW 325xi. Poor little fuzzies are withering in a bath of cold “cost of ownership” reality at the moment. That little beemer can still take a corner like nobody’s business, but she’s becoming an awfully expensive habit. Now I know why crack dealers seem to prefer Lexuses. Is that racist?
  3. Ever wanted to see what every framed item in our house looks like when bubble-and-shrink-wrapped? Me neither, but here you go:
  4. I once told a friend that, if they ever wanted to make the big dollars, they should learn Flash development. And all of your advice has been spot on?
  5. Getting ready to move my office and life out to Loudoun County, VA. Just in time to start paying for the recently approved monorail project. Perhaps Leesburg will be on the map one day with Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook.  Look, I really am in favor of efficient mass transit in high-density areas. And I get that Dulles airport is an international gateway to our nation’s capital. But why should a bunch of farmers (not joking, a lot of farmers) 30 or so miles away  from Dulles foot the bill? I say Loudoun sells Dulles back to Fairfax and calls it a day.
  6. If you ask me, I’ll tell you changing the company name from OPENup Marketing to p51interactive is rooted in a beautiful metaphor I see between the noted WW2 airplane and the evolution of our online lives. That’s true. But above all, I was determined to get that godforsaken “M” word out of the name.
  7. Tonight, the wife and I are off to bid farewell to our neighborhood bistro here in Tyson’s Corner, USA. Farewell Cafe Deluxe below the Crate and Barrel. Farewell indeed.
  8. Kind of sad Mel Brooks was never able to get History of the World, Part 2 into the can. How is Jews in Space not funny?
  9. It’s Friday, I’m quitting early. Good weekend to all . . .
*I am unaware of anybody dying as a result of this taco, and bear no responsibility for any undesirable outcome resulting from your enjoyment the taco in question.