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Where fun goes to die

Stratus vineyards in Quebec, Ontario is perhaps the most pristine example of over-designed minimalism I have ever seen.

Turns out the winery was started by some high end furniture designer in Toronto. Pretty sure he specialized in office furniture. Which makes perfect sense. This place is about as warm and inviting as your average executive board room.

I will say this. Whatever brand “ethos” they were trying to communicate here has been executed flawlessly. From the overly formal existence of a dedicated greeter at the front door all the way down to the recycle sign on the trash can, this place has been designed and produced with a singular vision.

But I don’t see where merriment (that thing most historically associated with wine), fit into that vision at all.

I don’t even remember what the wine was like. Doesn’t matter, just some liquid to fill the package I suppose. I do recall drinking a white blend that didn’t offend. Ironically, it was barely chilled. Sigh.