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I wanted to hate WordPress, but it’s awful cuddly

I don’t know why I hated Wilco in college. Had I bothered to listen, I might have attended a few less Phish shows.


It’s funny. I spent the last 10 minutes sheepishly wondering if I should own up to the number of Phish shows I happily attended. It’s not that I regret any one of them (I heart every moment I spent and may in the future spend) — It’s that I somehow feel that spending letters on this wonderful band somehow cheapens the relationship I manage to maintain with my first musical love. I really don’t know which of my degenerate older brothers left American Beauty in my 8-track player when I was 5 or so, but I thank all things good and reasonably acceptable that it happened.


I don’t know why I hated WordPress for so long. . .