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More like a Landing Postage Stamp

100 Square Feet.

This is the size of p51i’s new cockpit on 26 S. King Street in Leesburg, VA.

Pretty sure it’s an even 10×10. Enough room for a desk, my killer chair and . . .thinking mirror maybe?

Still, the building is historic, my downstairs neighbors are a hot-dog place and Jamaican restaurant (could not make this stuff up), and – well – it felt like 100 square feet of warm fuzziness when I “toured” it.

So a tiny-ass office in Leesburg, VA it will be. A perfectly-placed landing strip for my little plane ¬†and an EVEN BETTER internet connection than I have now. As has been said, “man’s got to have a code.”

One more thing. Please do not stop by. What part of 100 Square Feet did you not understand? Call me and we’ll grab a dog or some jerk*.

*Crap. The thing is, it’s a great little sentence. And every word is true. But it’s a connotation/innuendo perfect storm. Thus the footnote. Personally, I think it’s hilarious – and it’s my blog, sooooo. . ..;)