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When dealing with size, SPEED is the thing that matters

So after getting a few eyeballs on posts prior, it seems like provocative headlines are the way to go. It’s possible I may not even need to bother paying them off with supporting thoughts. I’ll keep you posted on that. But I’ll probably bury the lead looking for link bait.


(I just flew in from Germany and boy are mine arms tired)(crickets? tough crowd).

Moving along, I wanted to share something I learned today about Internet connections. They are not all the same. And words like “fast” and “high-speed” are no less relative then your second cousin.


Sooooo. I’m moving to the country (gonna eat a lot of peaches). The story behind where, how, and why is far too tangential to embed here, so for the sake of brevity (my kryptonite), just go with it.

When I hear “country,” I think of mountains, trees, dirt and simplicity. When my friend Kenny hears “country,” he frightfully recalls a life devoid of a persistant internet connection. The truth is, most of ya’ll live somewhere in the middle. I took a moment to try to find where, exactly, that middle rests. Turns out there is nothing “middle” about it. Sadly, just as with progressive thought, fine cuisine, and black turtlenecks, concentration of internet connectivity rests closer to our traffic-congested cities. Lucky for me, the Washington DC area is not like any other. Enough burnt-out defense contractors have expatriated to greener surroundings a half-day drive outside the beltway that we have hubs of legit connectivity where human concentration has not yet reached terminal capacity.


Top row is my absurd FIOS bells-and-whistles connection in Mclean, VA. If a man can love an Internet connection, well, this one is pretty AND smart. Admittedly, a lofty benchmark.

Next two rows show samples from my crappy – but unlimited still – ATT 3G (iPhone 4 – not 4s) connection.

Last three are samples from a “just fine” connection in Waterford, VA. The demonstration here is that dreams of Professional Internet Everywhere are still quite dreamy.

So even though I’ll most likely be hanging the hat and laptop bag in Waterford, VA pretty soon here, the Biz is going to require quite a bit more juice than this beautiful little place has to offer.

Which is why I’m excited to announce the almost finalization of p51interactive‘s new cockpit. The office space is bigger than a p51 cockpit. . .but not a whole lot bigger. But there are wires in Leesburg, VA these days, so I can do anything there I’m doing here. As terms are finalized, I’ll certainly share more detail. But I feel safe in announcing that Leesburg, VA has won the rights to host p51i’s HQ.

Developing . ..