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Announcing my retirement – sort of.

Friends, family, interested bystanders, I just can’t do it anymore. So I have to go ahead and do it.

My third grade Social Studies teacher was on to something when he mistakenly blurted out, “that kid’s got a screw loose” with my mother quietly waiting in her customary chair in the principal’s office.

The fact that I have no idea what particular event or indiscretion triggered this comment only underscores the larger point. Perhaps I do have a “screw loose.” Or perhaps my screws are secured properly and the rest of you are a twist or two away from unraveling.

Doesn’t matter, really. Because loose screws and rusty nuts or no (he said nuts), the urge to record my own perspective is, evidently, stronger than my urge to appear to be cartoonishly dependable, interested, and professional in every possible endeavor.

So I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment. And if you think I can help you professionally, I hope the occasional F-bomb and common-sense POV won’t dissuade you from contacting me to solve your Drupal and/or WordPress needs. If it does, well, I guess we just wasn’t meant to be.

Would a blanket apology in advance help? Fine.

I sincerely apologize for every wasted moment you spend reading this rubbish.



PS – would a picture of my dog make this rantlet a little warmer? ok.

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