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Arnold baby not so shocking, but story placement is

I stumbled upon this story from an aggregated link. Like many of you, I’m a sucker for a good Ah-nald tale.

If you are looking to muck around in some collective outrage or even just dabble in a little finger-waving, keep looking. I honestly don’t care where the former Governator chooses to stick little Arne.

But I do care a little about where a story like this gets stuck. So I’ll beg a moment of your time and ask that you take a quick look at that link above, which is the Arnold story appearing on (the ‘free” version).

Does it strike you as at all strange that this headline is buried in the “Arts” section?

I actually don’t have a fully-developed opinion on this one, but that has never stopped me from opining before, so here goes:

Clearly, Mr. Schwarzenegger’s career as actor and politician (and body-builder) provides a situation where his antics could apply to just about any news “section.” But once you actually manage to get elected, and manage to serve a term (or two) as governor, shouldn’t your cute little affairs carry slightly more weight?

Maybe not. Very little that Jesse Ventura does these days makes it beyond the information fringe. Of course, just typing the name Ronald Reagan these days warrants a mention in political pages. So I honestly don’t know what to make of it. And maybe it doesn’t matter. After all, this is a *former* governor we’re talking about.

I just think it’s bizarre. What do you think?