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Stupid metaphors and Web sites going live.

Before all of my friends started having babies (I’m a late bloomer), I’d feel just fine saying that launching a Web site is a lot like giving birth. Having learned the value of putting my metaphors in proper perspective, let me just say the similarities begin and end with the simplicity of the action and complexity of the result (easy to make, hard to make right).

Otis & Ahearn is a Boston leader in real estate sales. They provide sales consulting for Boston’s top luxury condo developments and have 5 brokerage offices throughout the city. They are also OPENup Marketing’s flagship client. We launched a new and improved in 2009, and it felt a lot like giving . . .

Let’s just say it was painful. We were a new company. It was our first big launch. And a lot went wrong. I vividly recall (at some point after breaking some furniture) declaring that I would “never ever ever do this again.” And yet here I am, not two years later, proudly announcing the arrival of Otis & Ahearn 2.839048947 (beta)! If you are in a clicking mood.

The second time, as they say, is not nearly as painful. Sure, those 3 hours when the client couldn’t log into their site was no cocktail party. I’m pretty sure the chair on the other side of my office was drawing up escape plans — and rightfully so. But experience teaches you clarity in moments like these.

As bad as that launch was in 2009 (and it was bad), I never had to visit the Principal’s office to bring that old Web site home from school and I’ve never had to testify on its behalf in a domestic dispute. After all, it’s just a Web site.

My limited exposure suggests babies can be a touch more complicated. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough. Until then, I’ll stick to the simple stuff, like how to get Memcached to stop making the f—— homepage disappear whenever cron runs.

Congrats Otis & Ahearn on your new site.

Congrats Kenny, Heather, and Austin

Impending Congrats Frank, Stacey, and ?????