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I’m, like, really, like over it . ..

I’m just starting to feel that the ironic T-shirt was a fabric precursor to modern social marketing. How can you really *like* a brand or product? Back in the day, it was pretty obvious that the dude next to you sporting the retro Atari t-shirt wasn’t actually advocating you run out and buy an Atari. But these days, who the hell knows?

Brands want me to “engage” and agencies can’t think of anything more creative than dicking around on facebook – a monocratic ecosystem that exists only because it got biggest first (Microsoft is a huge FB investor, by the way, they know a chance to cash in at the expense of progress when they see it).

Frankly, It’s lame and boring. I long for the days when this novelty of being connected has passed and there is a somewhat less vapid expression of your loyalty than a useless “Like” button that is clicked only by those 14 and under — and those dying to participate in a new world order that just isn’t there.

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on Facebook. Just don’t mistake the ability to manage your “online reputation” as a creative skill. It’s not. It’s an admin task and until you are able to see it that way, you are doomed to waste a shit-ton of money.

This is MUCH more fun than pining over marketing copy. I’ve been branding for 10 years and programming for 3. Pretty sure this Web site goes against every conceivable piece of “branding” advise. Couldn’t be more liberating!

If you like your money, you probably want somebody like me helping you make intelligent decisions. Or you can hire “creative” thinkers. Up to you. I’m here when you are ready. . . .